Magic Lantern sale


We’ve sold some odd thing over the years this week we sold this Magic lantern Price £150

I was impressed it still worked , I did get ready for a Big Bang when I turned it on but the light worked and everything seemed ok, It lasted far longer then my flat screen tv what stopped working yesterday.

This got shipped to Germany.


The Village

With Ann brother  in Hospital and Ann and me both struggling with toothache we have not been able to update our blog of late.

The village, sound like a episode of The Prisoner it as been very quite with hardly anybody on the street shopping ,it can be a worry at this time of year and with the threat of a super market on its way the future don’t look good.

I have been told by some shop keepers I always look on the dark side, what concerns me about this most of them have now shut shop and left the village.

What really get my goat is when I see a car with a ticket like this  in front of an empty shop in Cottingham, this does no favours to anybody sure if the guy was park were danger could be for others but in this case just park over the time limit or maybe slightly over the white line who knows.

We need to encourage people into the village shops are closing and not getting new residents soon it will not matter were the cars are parked we will lose the shops.


So can I see the The Village getting better or is it all downhill ?

Can we compete against the online shops, and the Soon to come Super Market ?

And lets not forget the traffic wardens.

Will I resign or fight on in the Village.?????