Cottingham People “Walking History “

Since have have worked in Cottingham we have heard some amazing stories  what it was like  in the old days,  how its changed over the years and when you talk to some of the people who remember the old days you start to realise history is not just in books but in people and some love to talk about what it was like.

One old lady who came into our shop had such interesting tales to tell, but when she passed away the memories of Cottingham were lost for ever.

So I decided with the help of a friend, to capture on Film some of the History of these Local People .

Next door to our shop is a coffee shop called CC Coffee, it was here we  talked to some Cottingham People about the Old Days so with the help of Nick Robinson to do the interview and me to do the camera and mic.

interview number one I hope you Like it.

Cottingham Village is in East Riding of Yorkshire.